Recharging is important for each of us to do. If we do not spend time resting and refocusing, we can become worn out.

Struggling to find a job? Feeling stomped on by co-workers? Going through marital problems? Family discord. Rebellious children. Financial challenges. Medical issues. Or maybe you just lost a precious family member or friend. All while trying to write. Learn more.



Healthy Choices

Here is a great list of healthy foods.

Here’s the simple truth — we’re inclined to eat what we keep stocked in our kitchens. After all, research shows an association between your weight and what you keep sitting out on the counter (having potato chips and breakfast cereal out and visible in the kitchen is linked with weighing more, while keeping a fruit bowl out is linked with weighing less). Learn more.


Squat Training

Here’s a great article on squat training.

So you want to increase your squat strength but aren’t sure where to start? No matter what sport you are training for, nothing yields results like sport-specific training. To increase your Squat, you will have to get a lot more comfortable under the bar and squat a lot more. Most new trainees make the mistake of spending countless hours performing accessory exercises that yield no true results. Learn more.


Great Breakfast Recipes

Breakfasts can be hectic. These recipes can save some time.

A good make-ahead breakfast always feels like a treat, is whole-wheaty or fruit-packed enough to be hearty without being pious, and you can knock it out on a weekend afternoon. Whether granolas, bars, or breads, they’re our stumble-out-of-bed breakfasts of choice. Here are 15 you can make now and eat all week (or freeze, and get ahead for next week): Learn more.


Sitting and Exercise

For those of us who sit at our desks all day to earn a living or go to school, this article is a timely reminder to make sure we get enough exercise.

As a writer, I’m pretty much glued to my computer most of the time, so when my vacation week finally arrived, I couldn’t have been happier. The idea of leaving behind frantic deadlines and being able to ignore all Kardashian “breaking” news to spend lazy days with my kids sounded like heaven. And it was. Until I put on my swimsuit. That’s when I realized the scary truth. I have Office Bod–hunched over posture, a flat behind, paunchy midsection, and thigh spread. That’s what happens when you spend hours at your desk. It’s not ideal. Learn more.


Inspiring Weight Loss Story

This inspiring weight loss story has all the right elements of encouragement.

Back in the summer of 2011, I was living in a house with four other girls in a small college town in North Texas. At this time, I weighed around 253 pounds — a weight that classified me as obese. I had just flunked out of college because I was suffering from crippling depression. I was also $3,000 behind on my rent. This, for me, was rock bottom. I had to make the hard decision to move out of that house and in with my mother, with whom I hadn’t lived full-time in 13 years. The thought of losing my independence after living on my own for four years was awful. I didn’t know it then, but it turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. Learn more.