Vinegar Uses

I like to write about my weight loss journey to encourage my readers. I also think it is important to clean up our homes with less toxic cleaners. Vinegar can be used in many different ways. Today’s featured post provides several ideas. Hope you enjoy it.


A gallon of white vinegar can be purchased for just a few dollars, and a little goes a long way. Here are five ways to use this household workhorse.

1. Keep the Ants From Marching In

Pour equal amounts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle, and shake to mix. Then spritz the solution in water-resistant areas where ants are common, such as kitchen floors or the crevices in painted baseboards through which the pests often enter. You can also use the repellent outside, spraying patios, porches, and picnic tables before family and friends gather. Click here to learn more.



Kelly’s Corner News

Kelly’s Corner News

A month has already flown by… Where has time gone?


We have had a really fun time though and here is a little of what we are learning. Capital letters from A-G, lower case letters too. Scissor skills and stringing beads, are not all that we learned as well.

Bugs and bugs and bugs are where we did the most. From butterflies, to lady bugs, grasshoppers and bee’s, we really did a lot.

Counting, cutting, sorting and sounds makes Kelly’s corner the place to be.

Kelly’s Corner

School Graduation and School pictures 022School Graduation and School pictures 021School Graduation and School pictures 020


Kelly’s Corner started as an idea and began in the back corner of my unfinished basement. Ever tried sticking tape to concrete walls? It doesn’t work all that well.

Lucky for me, my husband and friends helped me put up a wall that I could attach a white board to. With my overhead projector, some curtains my Mom helped me make, and some fun posters, a couple of desks, a classroom was formed.

My goal was to give a quality education to kids getting ready for kindergarten. Not just a pre-school but a school setting where kids would get one on one attention from me. That year began my journey into the world of preschool.

I now have my own classroom with walls and centers. I’m proud to see how far Kelly’s Corner has come.

Cec Murphy On Ghostwriting


Cec Murphy is running a series on ghost-writing for hire. I found his tips especially helpful. Hop on over to his blog and check out this great series.



If you move into writing books for others, here are my suggestions:

1. Charge what you think you are worth. This is an issue about your self-confidence. Some people can’t bring themselves to ask for a large amount and you may need help with setting your fees.

2. Contact other collaborators and ask them what they charge. Some won’t tell you, of course, but most of them are open enough to give you a price range. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Hope you have a great day,


Weight Loss: The Invisibility Factor

Weight Loss Week 10

How can a 200 or 300+ pound person be invisible?

It’s easier than you think.

As someone who has been 300+ pounds, I know it sounds weird to say invisible. It’s hard for me to admit that I weighed that much at one point, but the more I weighed the more invisible I felt. People tend to avoid eye contact as they don’t really look at you. It’s sad when people try to hide looks of disgust on their faces or the snide comments you hear at buffets, saying they hope there is still food left.

The truth is that people don’t really know what to do and when you are heavy people tell you how funny you are or how great your personality is. I think in the back of your mind at least for me, I always wished people would try to really get to know me. I have an addiction to food, yes I can admit that now, but it doesn’t define who I am.

Being heavy has taught me a valuable lesson though, treat everyone the way you want to be treated and never take for granted what another person may or may not be feeling. No one should feel invisible.

A Dusty Diamond,


Weight Loss: Facing the Scale

Weight Loss Week 8

The absolute hardest part of losing weight for me is facing the scale. If I could have avoided getting on a scale for the rest of my life, believe me I would, but you see that is what got me into trouble in the first place. I would like to think that if I had gotten on the scale sooner, my weight wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand, but who knows.

The scale can be your enemy or your friend. It keeps you honest with yourself and for me that really helps. I think it’s easy to delude ourselves into thinking that we haven’t gained in any weight or that we have lost lots of weight, but unless we face the scale we don’t really know.

You would think that I wouldn’t mind getting on a scale a year later into this journey, but my heart beats faster and my palms start to sweat when I know I’m doing a weigh in. I’ve learned for myself that no matter what it says, good or bad, it is a number that helps me keep my ultimate goal of losing weight in sight.

A Dusty Diamond,


What is an IEP?

Special Needs: IEP’s



What is an IEP? Why does the school district want you to fill out forms for testing and why do they keep throwing things like 504 forms at you?

First of all and IEP is an Individual Education Plan as opposed to an ILP or Individual Learning Plan. It is composed of present levels of academic performance, transportation needs, long term goals, specialists that are needed and hours of services and how those services will be delivered small group, large group and also testing data.

Do not fear the IEP, it is for kids 3 and over and it is to show how they can better accommodate your child. What some parents do not know is that the IEP is a legal document that goes with your child wherever you go. An IEP can be modified but it must be signed by all parties.

In my opinion I think every child in America should have an IEP, we associate it as a negative thing, but if every child had one we could better facilitate each child in the education system. Think about what having a plan in place for each of your children that are completely designed just for them would mean. Strengthening their weaknesses and continuing to enhance their strengths, I think it would bring us up in the national and global standings, but that is just me.

Let me know what you think.

A Dusty Diamond,