Entwined bookcover complete-300dpi-13.25x9.50

Entwined by Adoption Our Story of Infertility, Teen Pregnancy and Faith

Dawning Light-Adoption bookcover

Dawning Light: Adoption

Bookcover Tale of Trial-Final copy-300dpi

Diamonds: Tale of Trial

Picture Not Shown for Shattered Hope: Infertility

Shattered Hope: Infertility

Cave Tubing in Belize: Cave Tubing in Belize




Night Fire- Book 1 – Young Adult Series:

What happens when the life you know gets ripped away?

Seventeen-year old Shiloh had it all. A promising track career, a father who adored her and a grandfather who protected her from unseen things. In one moment, Shiloh’s safe bubble popped.

Everything changed when a stranger appeared, throwing her into a vortex of danger, stripping her from all she knew.

As a new power awakens in her, fire rages across the globe.

Can she find the others and confront her past to embrace her future? Or will the dark power fueling the fires consume her?


Also In the Works:

When the Ground Shook-Women’s Fiction: 

When an 8.2 earthquake hits the southern coast of Chile, American Kristen Waters gets trapped under the rubble of her friend’s apartment building. Can Kristen face her fears and find the will to survive against all odds?

Deadly Secrets- Suspense:

Some secrets are worth killing for. Doctor Sara O’Shea’s life has been shrouded in secrets, from the time she was a small child.  With the sudden death of her grandmother, Sara begins to see that she is now the target of someone’s sinister game, and some secrets won’t be kept silent.




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