This article reminds us that it is okay to writer our way, our style, on our own timetables.

Hand any writer multiple tasks, and you will find out a lot about their personalities very quickly. Some of us tend to be the kind of people who determinedly hammer at a single, linear task batch until it surrenders. Others of us nimbly shift from one task to another depending on where we see possible progress. How you face a bunch of tasks-because every writer faces far more tasks than just getting the words down on paper-can help you plan.

Whether you write thousands of words at a time or just manage to scribble down a paragraph (my “Chunky Method Handbook” has more on that dynamic), I have found a great model for productivity the beloved Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo. Ask anyone if he is more of a Marlin or a Dory, and he usually knows. That’s the power of a brilliant story-we can easily see ourselves in the characters. Learn more.