Productivity is important in the writing field. Our jobs demand products. This article is a helpful reminder to divide larger projects into smaller bite-sized pieces.

The high volume of production demanded from a category romance author has made me a student of creative productivity. Wrangling an uncooperative muse to meet a deadline is one of the ongoing struggles of every writer, and we need all the help we can get.

I’ve been teaching the Chunky Method all across the country for several years now. The Method was born out of the concept that every writer has a “chunk”-an amount of quality writing he or she can produce in one sitting before “the juice” runs out. We mistake the end of a Chunk for writer’s block, but it isn’t. You haven’t run out of talent or ideas, you’ve just run out of creativity for now. Chunks are individual to each writer, but they are remarkably consistent if given the right framework. Want to know your Chunk? Here’s how: