Weight loss is a challenging thing. The author of this inspiring article also faced some difficult circumstances.

“I have struggled with my weight much of my adult life, but it really got out of hand after experiencing a string of three very difficult years,” says Tara, who had to deal with several tragic events in those three years, during which she got divorced, was hospitalized after a car accident, lost her home in a fire, and cared for her son, who had survived a shooting. “In the years after this, I was stuck on survive and neglected myself,” Tara told us. “I sought comfort through food and did not exercise because I was emotionally exhausted working full time, being a single mom, and dealing with the aftermath of the shooting and other events.” After moving to Denver and losing 16 pounds from her new active lifestyle, Tara soon had to move back home to Wisconsin to help care for her ailing dad. What happened next is a testament to her willpower, determination, and hard work. Read more.