A Black Suit

As a consequence of writing several novels and posting a regular bog, I get the chance to speak about, you guessed it, writing. After a few speaking engagements I’ve developed a sense on how best to adapt my talk on writing to specific audiences. I begin with a short introduction and jump immediately into answering follow up questions from previous engagements. The most popular answer is to the question, “What are some interesting things that have happened as a result of being an author?” The following is the long answer to a short question; it involves a trip to NYC as a result of donating book proceeds to veterans.

Earlier this year I bought a black suit-it was the first suit I’d purchased in maybe two decades. I also bought a new white shirt, tie, and dress socks but stopped short of new shoes. I’m funny about shoes, one of those rare people that still get them resoled. The new suit, shirt, tie, and socks were for a special event to which Debbie and I had been invited-or so I thought. Learn more.



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