How are your 2014 goals going? Are you one of the organized ones who wrote down your writing goals for the year way back in January? How is it going?

It is a good idea to look back and then look forward in planning and scheduling the rest of the year. What worked and what did not work?

Need tips to get started?

This article is a good refresher and starting point for organization of writing time.

It’s January again, which means time for New Year’s resolutions.

It’s easy for resolutions to become bigger-than-life, difficult to keep, and discouraging. While the big dreams are necessary, it’s often the little steps that get us there…or keep us away.

So for our list of suggested resolutions for 2014, we’ve focused on a few simple, easy to accomplish tasks that will help you succeed in accomplishing the bigger goals. We’ve also linked to past blog posts that will help you complete these resolutions in no time. Read more.