Four Inspiring Weight Loss Stories

Today I want to share with you four weight loss stories. Each lady struggled with her weight and found success in her own weight loss plan.

This began as your standard weight-loss article–some diet, some fitness, before-and-after photos. But as we dug in and spoke to dozens of women who’ve lost 20, 50, 100-plus pounds, we noticed a theme: Running took the weight off. They told us it was the surest, fastest, funnest way to transform their bodies. Many were intimidated by running until they realized it’s accessible, efficient, and practically free (all you really need is a pair of sneakers). No wonder they got hooked, along with the 4 million American women who run 110 or more days per year. That’s how our slim-down story became a beginner’s guide to running that’ll get you out on a street or trail. You may never look back.  Click here to learn more.



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