Books That Feed One’s Soul

I found this article and thought it was interesting. I wanted to share it with you.


Recently, I wrote a post about how to begin a book project by performing a competitive analysis. Writers typically make this type of an evaluation as part of a book’s business plan. Doing this in the conception phase of a project, however, helps develop a unique and necessary book idea or story, which means one that is highly marketable. After reading the post, someone commented that the best ATM SMway to write a book that sells involves writing with authenticity as well as creativity. That’s true, but it isn’t always enough. And, in truth, you can do both: write a creative book that takes a business approach.

If you tend to write when you are inspired, or from a sense of soul purpose, or simply because the creative urge takes over, the idea of creating a business plan for your book, and doing so before you even begin writing, probably feels like a huge turn off to you. Yet, I bet you want to produce a successful book—one that sells a lot of copies or becomes a bestseller. To do that, you must take into consideration that publishing is a business, the business of producing, distributing and selling books, including that book you want to write and publish. And success in the publishing industry is, indeed, gauged by book sales—above average book sales. Click here for more information.



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