Art and Beauty

As a writer I need to be reminded that writing is an art. It has a beauty and special form all its own.


I have long been fascinated with the relationship between beauty, truth, and goodness. One of the joys of being a novelist is that I can create characters who share my fascinations. So in my recently published novel, The Magdalene Mystery, a protagonist is devoted to truth in the media and correcting Internet lies. He is also fascinated by the role of art in society – its “use” and its “abuse,” as the scholar Jacques Barzun so aptly described the problem in his brilliant collection of essays, The Use and Abuse of Art.

Art, of course, borders beauty, and beauty, I would think, is a close neighbor of goodness. While they are not the same, they inhabit one another. As Christian artists, we are in the beauty business as well as the goodness and truth business. We see all three in our triune God of love and we revel in his originally beautiful, good, and true creation, just as we bask in his love. Click here to read more.



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