Encouragement from rejection? That’s an interesting scenario!

How can an author receive an inspiring rejection? That sounds like an oxymoron, side by side contradictory terms. And yet a rejection recently inspired me.

I’m sure you’ve sent in a proposal to a publisher, especially one you write for, thinking they will love the new idea. But when you hear back, they tell you no-it won’t work or the readers won’t like it. You want to say, “But. . .” And then you stop yourself. You’ve learned to fight the big battles and let the little ones go.

This happened to me recently while writing the Sisters series. The mother had a secret which I insinuated in the first two novels, and I’d planned to have Neely and Ashley learn they had a half-sister given up for adoption before their parents were married. The “no” threw me. To see how this one turned out, click here.


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