Social Media

It is important to build up one’s social media platform for any kind of business. Writing is no exception.

Publishing is a complex business, and there is no end to the questions that arise along a writer’s career journey. Many of those I’m asked fall into two categories. 

Why is involvement in social media so important? I just want to write.

I was asked that question again this week. To respond in a positive way that would motivate this author, I knew I had to begin with a recent history of the industry. It used to be that publishers assumed the major responsibility for marketing and promoting an author’s book. The marketing manager assigned to the book worked with the public relations department to synchronize the timing of press releases, distribution of review copies, and radio and TV interviews for the greatest impact. And they didn’t stop when the one-month window of opportunity ended after the book’s release. As we know, all that has changed since the economic downturn in 2008. Click here to learn more.



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