Christmas Stories

I hope you enjoy this take on writing Christmas stories.


Christmas is my favorite time of the year not only because of the Savior’s Holy birth, but also because of other birthdays. Today is my husband’s seventy-seventh birthday and two of our sons as well as our great-granddaughter all have December births. We celebrate all month long. Our youngest son believed everyone in the world celebrated his December 31 birthday until he was six and found out what the date really was.

Other things I enjoy at Christmas are all the stories, myths, and legends that make-up Christmas lore. Many of them have been compiled into books of fables and legends. Perhaps the most famous and often read story is by Clement Moore. Actually a poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas has been around since 1823 when published anonymously in a Troy, New York newspaper. Clement Moore finally received credit for the poem in 1837. Click here to learn more.



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