The world of publishing is changing so fast. It is important as a writer, to keep up on those changes. Today’s featured post is insightful.


The world of publishing is changing. And you know this unless you just awoke from a long 10 year nap.

There are more options available to writers today than ever before.

The e-publishing entrepreneurs have changed the way we see book publishing. Writers around the world rejoice. Authors with no platform, or with a stack of rejections can publish their books on their own. Long time authors holding rights revisions can now do something affordable and effective to revitalize their out-of-print books. And the publishers can do the same. There’s new life to backlists. I recently had a three year old title, Dining With Joy, run as the Amazon Daily Romance Deal. Nice!

If you’re not published yet, traditionally or independently, you have all kinds of options. But you must ask yourself, “Am I ready?” Click here to read the rest of this article.