The agent is an essential part of a writer’s team of professional on the road to publication. It is extremely difficult to get published in a traditional house without an agent. I thought this featured article would be helpful to pass onto my readers.


I asked readers on my Facebook  page for questions they’d like me to answer on the blog. It seems many are dying to know the secret to getting an agent.

Stephanie asked: What is the single most important thing when approaching an agent?

Aleah asked: What’s the best way for a first time novelist to get their foot in the door with an agent? Where should one start?

These questions always make me feel like the writers are hoping I’ll reveal the secret handshake or code-word that will break down the barriers to getting an agent. I wish it were that easy! But it’s a process, with no shortcuts and no magic. Here are some things you can do: Click here to see what they are. It’s worth the trip.