This is the adoption story of Rob and Robin Layton of Colorado.

Heaven Sent Miracles

Six weeks after our paper work was in I received a call at work. It was our counselor telling us that they had a child, but it was touch and go. The little girl was born at twenty-five weeks and weighed one pound five ounces. She was in the NIC unit and her outcome was unclear, our counselor encouraged us to think and pray about it. She put us in touch with the birth mom and we hit it off right from the start.

When we got a call from the doctors the next day asking us to come down to the hospital so they could talk with us, I started to worry. The baby was going to undergo some tests for brain damage, and they would tell us the results. I prayed and prayed that if this was the child for us, God would give us a sign.

That next day we went in and got our first look at her. She was so tiny, I couldn’t believe something that little could possibly be a baby. Machines were attached to her and I cried just looking down at her. She was a fighter though, she wanted to live.

When the doctors came in to talk with us, they had a look of surprise on their faces, her tests had all come back normal. God had given us a sign. We had a daughter.

Though she started her life small she has grown into a healthy five year old that chases her brother around every time she gets. Rob and I are truly blessed, we have our miracles. We have kept in contact with her birth mother, but sadly our son’s birth mother has chosen no contact. Our hope for our children is to have a full and happy life. They have truly brought us more happiness than we ever could have hoped for and we continue to thank God for the blessings they are.


I hope you enjoyed the Layton’s story.