Heaven Sent Miracles Part Three

This is the adoption story of Rob and Robin Layton of Colorado.

Heaven Sent Miracles

I asked Rob how he felt about considering adoption. We had money saved up for the Invetro and instead of using it for that what about adoption? Rob really wanted me to experience pregnancy though and begged me to reconsider. I know he did that because of his love for me, he didn’t want me to give up my dream of motherhood. The more I thought about it though, pregnancy wasn’t all that important if I still got a baby in the end. We both agreed in the end that adoption was a good choice for us. If God wanted us to have a child, I would have gotten pregnant, maybe he had other plans for us.  With renewed hope we sought out adoption agencies.

After calling what felt like a hundred different agencies, I began to get discouraged. Some people were rude and others didn’t seem to care, it was getting really frustrating. I left messages that didn’t get returned for weeks at a time and by that point I was ready to admit defeat. God was good though, I finally called the last agency I had on my list and was instantly impressed. The woman they put me in touch with was wonderful and we hit it off immediately. She asked Rob and I to come in and fill out some paper work, and put us in touch with other families waiting to adopt children as well. She was a God send in a very bleak point in our lives.

After much praying and deliberation Rob and I decided to put our name down for any child that became available. We could have chosen to just wait for a Caucasian child with no health issues but felt we should be open for anything. We wanted a child, and race or gender didn’t play a role in that. We completed our bio form and made sure all our paper work was in order, and then began to wait for what God would bring us.

We didn’t wait very long. I was at work with our counselor called telling me that we had been picked by a birth mother for her child. We scheduled a match meeting for the next evening, but she didn’t show up. I was devastated and figured it was over.

To be continued…



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