Heaven Sent Miracles Part Two

This is the adoption story of Rob and Robin Layton of Colorado.

Heaven Sent Miracles


My best friend ended up setting me up on a date with her brother Rob, who had just gone through a divorce too. I had known Rob for most of my life and had never really thought of him as dating material, but decided why not. We hit it off right from the beginning. We already knew a lot about each other so it wasn’t that uncomfortable getting to know you first couple of dates.
I guess I never would have imagined the guy of my dreams would turn out to be my best friend’s brother. The chemistry was there right from the start. Needless to say, we married soon after that and have been together ever since.
Rob had two children from his first marriage and I settled into the role of step-mom, with little difficulty. I loved his kids and enjoyed getting to know them more. During the days and weekends we didn’t have his kids, the house seemed empty and I longed for a child of our own that we wouldn’t have to share with others. Rob knew I wanted children and loved me enough to go as far as getting a reversal of a vasectomy he had gotten after his second child was born. Sadly, due to the amount of scar tissue left over, our chances of conceiving a child were little to none.
We went through several different types of procedures after that, but nothing worked. I saw my chance and motherhood fading away. In a ditch effort to try once more we considered Invetro but the closer we got to doing it, the more I looked at the dollar signs. All that money for a one and who knows chance and I couldn’t do it. I remember waking up in a panic and so scared that if I went through with it, that it wouldn’t work and I would never be a mother then.

To be continued….



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