Weight Loss  So the scale went up this week, why you ask? Simple, Pumpkin bread. I love it so. Unfortunately, it does not love me back. I learned a good lesson though, just because we think we are doing good and exercising, temptations can get the best of us. I was really mad at myself, but I realize how easy it is to go off track. I’m working on losing the pounds I put on now.

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I can’t have pumpkin bread in the house or I will eat it all. It’s what I would call a trigger food. Back on the Wagon for me.

Getting on the Scale after you haven’t been on it for a while can be terrifying. My husband has been going through this weight loss journey with me and has also lost weight. But, after a couple of weeks on not weighing in, he doesn’t want to get on the scale.

I’ve been there, so I completely understand. I’ve learned though, that you have to get on the scale no matter how bad you think it will be, because it will not lie to you. It tells you how it is. It also, gives you a starting point to begin again.

Don’t live in the past, be brave, get on the scale and take that first step.