Weight Loss- Week 14

How to Stay the Course


I’ve had people ask me how I stand the pressure and not overeat at family or friend gatherings? One, I stay away from the chip bowl you know that never ending bowl of chips that are so easy to eat as you talk. I also try to get a plate of veggies. If there is a protein offered I calculate how many calories I think it might be, sometimes I am off. I try to also avoid the dips, deadly for me, I love them!

A simple thing I have been doing lately is bringing a dish to share and one that I know exactly what’s in it. There will be times that you give in and have some dip or fried cheese stick, after time though you will notice that your body may not react as well to it as it did before. Yes, I have actually gotten physically sick after eating something my body hasn’t had for a while and when that happens, you don’t want that food any longer.

I know that having a support group that is encouraging is also a great way to stay the course.


A Dusty Diamond,



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