Have you ever heard “drop ten pounds lose a dress size?” Sadly, that is not the norm for morbidly obese people. First of all, let’s face it, we wear clothes that are comfortable and which usually means sweats or stretch pants, opting for the more relaxed fit and not the constraining fit that jeans can give you. I had to lose close to forty pounds before anyone noticed that I had lost some weight. I remember getting really frustrated with my clothes, I could still wear the same clothes I had been wearing and my hope of them falling off was nowhere to be found. It’s really hard to keep going when you can’t see any results. I had lost weight in my ankles, wrists and face but my problem areas were still a problem. It seemed to take forever before anyone noticed I had dropped some weight and that was difficult. Thirty pounds is a lot but only 10% of your actual weight if you weigh 320 pounds. It’s difficult admitting I weighed that much, especially to the world on this blog, but I’m no different than anyone else who struggles with their weight. Don’t give up and stay the course though if you are struggling with this issue too, it will eventually pay off, at least it is for me now.


A Dusty Diamond,