Time to Dust off Those Running Shoes Week 3


Okay so you’ve started eating pickles maybe and are wondering on your excess baggage. What do you do next? The answer may be to start getting active. Pull out those old sneakers and lace them up. I remember the first walk I went on once I made the decision to change my life, it was awful. I was so out of shape and out of breath, I wasn’t sure that I would make it home. The next walk was a little easier and then the next one, I made a goal to walk every day, rain or shine. I was a member at the local gym and I forced myself to go. People treat you differently when you are big, but I didn’t let it get me down. After a couple of weeks I noticed that I wasn’t so out of breath anymore and that my pace had increased. I could walk longer routes and my breathing was easier. I joined an aqua class, best class ever, and tried varying my workouts each day. Even though taking those first step were difficult, I’m glad that I followed through and by God’s grace and pure determination, I’ve come this far.  Don’t give up on yourself, you need to fight for your life and claim it back.


A Dusty Diamond,



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