Week 1/ Cut the Sugar Eat A Pickle


Yes, I said cut the sugar. What worked for this sugar addict were pickles. Dill pickles and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar were a life savoir for me.  My Mom was really worried about me and told me that she had heard some benefits from taking 2tsp of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. At the end of my rope and seriously considering bariatric surgery or the lap band, I figured why not try it. First let me say the taste is awful, mix it with juice when you start out. As it happens I had a birthday party to go to that day and there at the party where pickles. Normally, I wouldn’t touch them, but that day I felt like the Lord said go ahead and try one, so I did. I didn’t have birthday cake that day, something about the pickle and the vinegar took away my craving for sugar. Normally when I would diet the first couple of days were horrible, the headaches and mood swings coming off the sugar were so bad that I went back to the sugar not to mention the cut in calories. What was it about the pickles and vinegar that kept me from eating the cake that day and going crazy, I was curious and I feel that God led me to this article:


I went eight months without sugary food, a world record for me. Now, I couldn’t cut the sugar from everything but I tried to make sure that I read every label and kept the sugar to a minimum of 4-6 grams.

I thought the holidays were going to be awful but I kept pickles on hand and still keep them stocked in my pantry.  One thing I must mention is that not all pickles are the same. My favorite brand is Mt. Olive and I prefer the Dill Spears in the Fresh Pack.

I went back to the doctor a couple months after I started eating the pickles and was down close to forty pounds. My doctor asked what I was doing and I said eating pickles. He was so curious about it that he went home and bought some pickles and lost ten pounds in the first couple of weeks. It may or may not work for you, but what do you have to lose but weight itself.

“The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength.”  Isaiah 58:11a NLT

A dusty diamond,



5 thoughts on “Week 1/ Cut the Sugar Eat A Pickle

  1. This is fascinating! Good for you. I hadn’t connected pickles with weight loss, but I had discovered that they were low in calorie and helped when I just needed something tasty to help me past a hump.

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