A Diamond In Plain Sight

One Sunday some months back, I wasn’t feeling well and decided to stay home from church that day. Grabbing the remote and surfing through the channels I came across a sermon of Joel Olsteen’s and before I switched the channel, he began telling a story about a young man with Downs’s syndrome. The young man worked as a bagger in a local market. One day he came up with an idea.
He went home and asked his parents for help to find encouraging and uplifting words. He printed out lots of copies and cut them into small strips. On his next work shift he took them in and for each person he bagged groceries for he would slip one of the strips into the bag. As the customer would leave he would tell them that he put in a good word for them.
Days and weeks went by, before the shift managers began to notice that the lines where this young man was working began getting longer and longer. The managers tried to move people to other lines, but to no avail. Word had spread and people would stand in line as long as it took to get a good word from this young man. You may be thinking that a single word wouldn’t be worth the line, but words have power. So many times when you are a parent of a special needs child you hear what they can’t do, it’s wonderful to hear uplifting stories of young people who turn their disabilities into possibilities. I give this young man five diamonds. You truly are a gem in the Kingdom.

A Dusty Diamond,

If you get a chance to watch this sermon, I’ve posted the link below.
Joel Osteen, “Make Deposits Everywhere You Go”.


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